Bikes & Beer - Celebration of Sport and Lifestyle

Bike events and beer go together almost as perfectly as peanut butter and jelly.

The popularity of biking and enjoying craft brews has gone up simultaneously, which has allowed them to form a special relationship with each other. Together, they create a unique biking culture…and a unique bar culture.

According to a recent Times article, "Just Brew It,"sales of craft beer has risen 17%. The combination of touring and drinking has been termed beerercise, and keeps popping up wherever beer and active residents reside.

On nice days, more and more tap houses and taverns will have lines of bicycles stacked on the racks. Uniting two passions into one allows for more opportunity for brand promotion: Sponsor the Sportor Promote the Party.

Sponsor the Sport

Entire tours are popping up across the United States for bikers wishing to sample quality beers from multiple breweries in an area. New Glarus, Crank Arm Brewing Company, New Belgium, and countless other cities and breweries have organized beer tours for bikers with a true passion for a quality beverage. It’s a chance to build team comoradorie, meet local bike and beer enthusiasts, or see a new city and sample some of the best brews it has to offer. To keep the ride smooth and stress-free, utilizing helmets, tire levers, bells, or locks for a branding outlet will provide functional products with strong brand identity for many rides to come.

Helmets: Stay safe with the protection of a Consumer Product Safety Commission-approved helmet. Customizable with a logo or brand, the helmet is light weight and well ventilated. It has a removable visor, adjustable sizing wheel, and EPS impact absorbing foam liner, so no matter what size or use, this helmet will fit well and perform.

Tire Lever: A must-have tool for any distance rider. Small and functional, a bike tire lever will be a piece no rider will rid of. Keep a brand message or logo in sight ride after ride with this tool.

Bike Bell: A fun product for all ages! Especially when riding as a group, bike bells can be an entertaining way to communicate while touring the city. Customize with a logo and each time the rider goes to ring they’ll be reminded of the sponsor.

Bike Lock: Keep bikes safe while tasting the local craft beers! Locking up outside the breweries with a customized bike lock will allow for easy identification, guaranteed safety, and functionality. Provide peace of mind so the rider can focus on the foamy beverage at hand.

Promote the Party

Many races and events host post race celebrations. A good craft beer after a long, demanding race is one of the most favored rewards at these types of events. Post race celebrations honor winners and finishers, allow competitors to socialize, and to clink a glass together in honor of the sport. And it’s not limited to just biking events, celebrations are seen at ski races, running races, and many other sports competitions as a fun, social way to commemorate the enthusiasts’ love for their sport.

Bike races and tours are celebrations of cycling – and no good party forgets the beer.

The Acrylic Custom Tapper is a canvas to creative branding. Capable of digital direct full body print on front and/or back, the tap handle can showcase a logo, name, event, or design on both sides of the piece. There are several standard shapes and sizes to choose from, or the handle can be custom cut to fit your branding theme. Consider creating a tap handle for:

  • Highlighting a specialty brew for an event
  • Showcasing craft diversity
  • Differentiating taps of different brands or varieties
  • Promoting an anniversary event
  • Exhibiting special edition tap handles or beers
  • Multiple taps of the same beer in different celebration tents/locations

Help answer the thirsty biker’s question, ‘What’s on tap?’ by utilizing a customized tap handle to visually promote a beer, brand, or business/event name. All handles are drilled and fitted for immediate use.

Not tapping?

Maple Bottle Openers offer a clean, classy solution to opening fresh bottled beers. Lightweight and magnetic, the large handle allows for strong branding capabilities. Offer to bartenders or hand out to riders, the bottle opener will be a convenient and different way to promote celebrations.

Assist this new tradition of good beer, good biking, and good company on either side by promoting the party with the Beer Tap Handle & Maple Bottle Opener, or sponsoring the sport with Tire Lever, Bike Bell, Helmet, or Bike Lock; advocating an active lifestyle and an appreciation for the finer things in life.