Dew Tour hits the Streets

on 25 January, 2008

Guerrilla Marketing one sidewalk at a time

Submitted by: Lisa Fruggiero, Alli, Alliance of Action Sports

Custom Marketing Stencils

The ACustom Marketing StencilsST Dew Tour wanted to develop customized AST Dew Tour stencils including the logo and event specific designs. Working with Motto, stencils played an integral role in the AST Dew Tour's grassroots marketing efforts in each of their five events that included Baltimore, Cleveland, Portland, Salt Lake City and Orlando. The AST Dew Tour's street team used these branded stencils for our pre-event promotional activities at events such as City festivals and fairs, local skate and bmx amateur contest, and neighborhood block parties. Using stencils created memorable tangible experiences that captured the youth lifestyle and was a key component of our local grassroots marketing efforts. The following photos show how they integrated the AST Dew Tour branded stencils into local marketing promotions.

Marketing Stencils

Marketing Stencils