Custom Buffs not just for summer

on 25 January, 2008

The all-weather buff takes on your event marketing challenges.

You may think of custom multifunctional headgear or "buffs" as mainly a summer promotional item due to their excellent moisture-wicking properties but as their name implies they are truly a year-round item. It's true that buffs are excellent for keeping sweat out of your eyes and the sun off your head for just about every activity you might find yourself engaged in during the summer months. When it is hot, buffs can be just as indispensable when you are working in the garden as they are when you are running down your favorite trail. If I find myself the first one down the trails in the morning I find they are good at wiping off the spider webs that get in my way as well. With today's high participation in obstacle races and mud runs across the country, custom buffs are an excellent fit for active lifestyle brands and team building events. Promotional buffs can not only be used for event marketing but many organizations also sponsor teams and use buffs with logos for team building across different events.

As the weather turns colder custom promotional buffs can work just as well for everything from the local rail jam to larger sanctioned events. Folded in half, buffs make for excellent added neck insulation for any type of winter activity. Easily pulled over the nose and cheeks for wind protection, buffs are breathable enough to minimize fogging of glasses. For bike commuting, two buffs work great. One for keeping cold air out of the collar and another under the helmet to protect head and ears.

Aside from action and adventure sports, fall team sporting events also are a great fit for promotional buffs. The best swag at a stadium is something that the fans can wear and use right away and buffs are a perfect way to fill the stands with the team color. So whatever the time of year of your event and especially if you are targeting active folks who are at their best when they are sweating and battling the elements custom buffs will not disappoint.

Custom Buff