Oakley's Mad Science on the Road

on 15 June, 2008

Sports performance marketing done right

When Oakley sunglasses wanted to take its brand on the road in the form of a 40-foot motor coach, one goal was to create an environment that would be inviting to the action sports community they wanted to reach with their High Definition Optics® (HDO®) technology message. Placing authentic skateboard griptape under foot hit the mark.

Event Marketing

Rolling O Lab Manager, Ryan Evert came up with the idea and worked out his vision with the Oakley design team to develop a series of stunning floor graphics that not only provide safety but also make a dramatic branding statement. Incorporating the Oakley logo in a medium immediately recognizable to their audience is the kind of attention to detail that Evert demonstrates throughout the Oakley Rolling O Lab.

Oakley now has a fleet of Rolling Labs and if you are attending any major sporting events, chances are you will have the chance to see one in person.

Action Sports Event Marketing

Action Sports Event Marketing