New Series in Multifunctional Buff Headwear

Check Out New Series in Team Buff Headwear

With summer in full swing, the warm sunny weather is beckoning us outside.

As people gather together to participate in fun walks, 5Ks, color runs, mud races, cycling relays, water ski shows, kayak clubs and other group events, distinguishing team members from the crowd is of top concern. Make teams stand out at the next charity, fundraising or corporate sponsored event with Fade to Black Buff Headwear.

Described as one of the most multifunctional pieces of clothing to ever own, the Fade to Black Buff will serve sponsors and participants well in whatever active event they are partaking in. With full color application and our bright line of stock colors, it will be easy to pick out fellow teammates during the event.

Simple Customization, Unique Design

Each one of the five color options: blue, red, yellow, green, and white – have a fading gradient from the color’s bright hue to a dark black base. This feature makes the product aesthetically pleasing for both men and women, and easy to match to team colors and costumes. It’s personalization made easy – a repeated pattern of a logo, team name, or corporate sponsor in black, sublimated 360°. No one can miss that!

Benefits All Around

Cheaper than a t-shirt and more functional than a common bandana, team buff headwear provides many benefits not only to the end user, but also to the sponsor. Including:

  • Quick, Low-Quantity turnaround
  • Strong branding with repeated logo visibility
  • No need to design artwork, saving time and money
  • 360o Sublimated imprint method
  • Small and lightweight, easy to transport
  • Wearable immediately, no need to put away or store during an event
  • Durable material, intended for longevity

The moisture-wicking, microfiber material easily and comfortably stretches to fit anyone. Protection from the sun, keep sweat off the brow, tame flyaway hairdos, warm the neck from the cold, wipe mud off a face, the possibilities of how to use and wear a buff are endless. Sponsor, enhance, and brand a name while giving participants something they'll use time and time again for all seasons.

See For Yourself

Motto, Inc is excited to provide a product that has been successful for countless other customers. Contact us soon to bring Fade to Black Buff Headware to customers at 920-364-9544 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Check out all our active lifestyle products at At Motto, we use the products we sell so that you can rely on us for reliable service as well as products that deliver on functionality. Your sample is ready, we look forward to hearing from you soon.